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Jeff Sheehan

Holds a BBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a M.S. in Finance from Bentley University, and a M.S. in Marketing from Georgia State University with additional training at Northwestern University and the University of Virginia. With over 30 years of high-tech global sales, marketing, and advertising experience marketing to many Fortune 500 companies, Jeff is now a marketing consultant and job search mentor, as well as the volunteer director of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church Career Ministry in Atlanta.

Jeff ranks in  the top 1% of people on LinkedIn. With over 275,000 followers on Twitter, he has been recognized as the #1 Marketer In The World To Follow On Twitter , #2 in Social Media, and #1 in Sales. Ranked number 6,481 out of 554,000,000 users on Twitter, Jeff is ranked number 23rd in Atlanta right after The Weather Channel, ahead of both Diet Coke  and the music group Collective South.

Additionally, his Klout score of 74 also positions him as one of the world’s leading authorities in marketing and social media. He is a well known speaker in the Atlanta area on the use of LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Social Media, and Marketing.

Jeff has helped several thousand people with their job searches during the past four years either through his career ministry efforts, webinars, or face to face meetings.  He is a firm believer in a multi-faceted approach to the job search and that there might be avenues outside traditional jobs that could make more sense for a job seeker.

Jeff is a Toastmaster (CC), volunteers extensively for multiple charities, and is an engaging and informative speaker on marketing, social media, and the use of social media in the job search.

Al Smith

Al has been an executive for seven companies and has in excess of 35 years of management, sales, marketing, training and coaching experience. He has been a hiring manager since his early twenties.  Al’s track record of success as a multiple award-winner in five diverse industries, speaks to his innate ability to transfer skills to changing landscapes.  This is evident with the adaptation of his sales training methods to help candidates with their most difficult “sales” experience: Job Transition.

National trainer for three companies in two industries, Al has learned from the insightful techniques of Miller-Heiman, Xerox, American Management Association, Kimberly-Clark, Systema and others. He has morphed those taught and life tested experiences combined with with an innovative, proprietary methodology that is interspersed with self-deprecating humor to make many of his points hit home.

Mr. Smith has been heard internationally via webinars, coaching classes, seminars and live speaking engagements.  He has helped in excess of 1,000 people with their job search during the past four years.  Al believes that every candidate is unique and should learn every method for finding a job because no single  method is right for everyone.  One size does not fit all.

Al is widely recognized for his creative presentations and ability to communicate complex material in readily understandable terms.  Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.”  If correct, few know how to help those in job transition secure new employment better than Al Smith.

A number  of these traits are on display in HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era.   For your benefit, no stone is left un-turned.

Al is Director of the Unity North Atlanta Career Ministry, volunteers extensively and is an engaging keynote speaker whose topics are numerous, entertaining and packed with insight.

Contributing Authors

As we wanted to leave no stone unturned in this book and provide as extensive review of material that we thought would be of help to a job seeker based on our experiences, we called on many industry experts to contribute their thoughts to this book. We are forever grateful for their assistance. These include (alphabetical order):

Valued Contributors

Paul Abbott, Scott Bennett, Peter Breese, Richard Burdick, Gigi Burke, Jana Caldwell, Bradley Chatfield, Susan Connors, Chris Donovan, Leslie Farrell,  Julie Grace,  Jon Harris, Debbie Hoppe, Michael Hydzik, Art Jones, Kate Leighton, Mandy Marchitello, Sharon Maclean, Brent McCarthy, Nancy Morris, Rusty Morgan,  David Pritchard,  Chris Riker, Mac Schmidt, Liz, Jonathan and Kerri Sheehan, Doris Smith, Terry & Shannon Smith, Susan Sunay, Nila Surgi, Max Sutherland,  Patrick Thompson, Christy Turner, Kathy Walsh, Monica Vincent