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Blue Print Your Career Podcast Appearance

It was our distinct pleasure to be able to join the talented Angela Hemans on the  recent taping of  Blue Print Your Career. She was a great host and it was a session that we tremendously enjoyed.  Angela clearly focused on the contents of the book and walked away with a sense of this is truly something which every job seeker should be reading. This was quite evident due to the headline she displayed on the blog cast recap on her website:

“Job Hunting? In Career Transition? Then You Must Read “Hired! The Path To Employment In The Social Media Era””

The complete edited podcast is available here for your review. For those so inclined to read just skim through the contents of the podcast before listening to it, Angela has provided an excellent summary below.

It would be greatly appreciated if you reach out to Anglea and start following her on Twitter at  @ultrasoundangie and on the other social media channels on her website We know that you won’t be disappointed.

Angela provided

Topics Discussed
  • We start the discussion on how long the book took to be created and why they decided to write a book like this that covers a multitude of topics relating to job hunting, the interview process, and strategies to use.
  • Jeff and Al go over their extensive backgrounds and share personal stories, and what motivated them to author this book.
  • They share their knowledge and how they continue to help job seekers, and people in career transition to develop their business skills.
  • How the website  TransitionSherpa was created.
  • What questions people going through a career change should be asking themselves before they start the job hunting process.
  • Al and Jeff shares what groups of people will benefit from the book “HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era”
  • A discussion takes place about the current job process for those currently job hunting.
  • Strategies and Tactics on how to organize your resume for optimal results are shared in this interview.
  • Are paid resume services really needed?
  • Tactics for Linkedin and Twitter are discussed and how to network effectively, efficiently, and ethically.
  • What are “Rich Keywords.” How to use keywords in your resume.
  • Jeff gives insight to how H.R. recruiters find potential employees and what you need to know to shine among a sea of applicants.
  • Why and How you should be using word clouds to develop your resume.
  • Questions you should be asking during your job interview and Al shares what is the most powerful question you need to know.
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