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Roswell United Methodist Church
Contact Person: Jay Litton, Katherine Simmons, Patricia Holt
Meets: Second & fourth Mondays of every month at 5:00P.
Notes: This Ministry includes Mini Job Fairs, speakers throughout the afternoon & evening, serves dinner (small donation requested) and  is the largest church-based career ministry.


Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Contact Person: Jeff Sheehan,
Meets: First Thursday evenings of every month at 6:30P.
Notes: This Ministry features recruiters and hiring managers with jobs and/or direct advice on how to get jobs at the companies they represent.


Atlanta JobSeekers
Contact Person: Jack Beecher,
Meets: Every Friday morning at 7:30A.
Notes: First hour devoted to the spiritual aspect of job search and the second hour to job search’s practical aspects.


Life Lessons @ Hotel Equities Offices
Contact Persons: Susan Connors, Nadine Walley,
Meets: Every Wednesday morning at 10:30A
Notes: Features job coaches’ up-to-date and factual information on job search techniques. Lunch is included with a spiritual video message.


Unity North Atlanta Church
Contact Person: Al Smith,
Meets: Third Monday of every month from 6-9P. (soon to add first Monday,as well.)
Notes: At no charge, the speakers at UNA share insights that they charge for everywhere else. Of course, I am prejudiced, but what is taught here is taught nowhere else to the same extent.


C3G Christ Centered Career Group at Northpoint Community Church
Contact Person: Peter Bourque
Meets: Every Monday at 7:45A