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Get To Work You Lazy Bum

Enjoy living large on the dole enjoying life while the rest of the world supports you…That’s the life you are living, right?

Let’s debunk the notion that you’re lounging around in the lap of luxury and are therefore a lazy piece of garbage if you’re collecting unemployment insurance benefits. You know it’s not the truth, but it really ticks us off when we hear it from holier-than-thou people who claim that the jobless aren’t working hard enough at finding a job or only want to live off their unemployment checks.

In an Atlanta Journal Constitution-Constitution article entitled, “Do Jobless Checks Subsidize Laziness? Research Shows,”editorial writer Jay Bookman quotes a study conducted by economists from the San Francisco Federal Reserve examining the longevity of unemployment for individuals collecting unemployment benefit payments versus those who, for whatever reason, do not. “As of the fourth quarter of 2009,” he writes, “the expected duration of unemployment had risen about 18.7 weeks for job losers and about 17.1 weeks for leavers and entrants, using the years 2006-2007 as a baseline. The differential increase of 1.6 weeks for job losers is the presumed impact of extended UI benefits on unemployment duration.”

You mean the unemployed aren’t living large?

In our state, Georgia, unemployment benefits max out at about $300 per week—BEFORE TAXES!

What a windfall!

Maybe we can to retire on that unemployment check so we can eat those bon-bons like they say after all. No wait, while we’re at it, let’s head to Brazil!. After a moment at Corcovado, I’ll look for you on the beaches near Rio…Let’s sing along with the Bossa Nova in the background…

”Tall and tan and young and lovely…”

(Apologies to Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto)


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