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“If candidates used HIRED! as a guideline, it would be much easier to place them appropriately.”

-Jay Boylan, Recruiter


“[HIRED!] is amazingly detailed – if there is a category of the job search you haven’t hit, I sure don’t know what it is… I think the most interesting component for a lot of people would be the methods of standing out in a process that is computerized and structured to reject most applicants without really looking at them.”

-Newspaper Reporter (Name withheld by request)

“During my 23 years as leader of a Career Networking group, I have examined lots of job search books.  HIRED! is the most complete and readable.”

-John Vaden


“Every person looking for a new job for any reason must read HIRED!”

– Jonathan Harris


“I think the information provided is very useful…especially for those unemployed for some time.”

-Scott Bennett


“…there is not one way of finding a job.  It has to be a good fit for you.  [HIRED!] provides options to consider.”

-Monica Vincent


“As a life-long recruiter, even I was amazed by all the common sense methods for getting noticed and getting found.  HIRED! misses nothing.”

-Lisa Sisson, Recruiter


“I like that [HIRED!] discusses a variety of methods to use during a job search.  The articles from other writers provide additional insight.”

-Christy Turner

“Now I know.  Finally, someone has made finding a job understandable.”

-Karen Becker


“Unlike most career and job search books that I’ve read, I truly felt like the authors were having a conversation with me instead of at me or about me.”

-Kathy Walsh

“…people of all ages and stages in their careers can benefit from implementing some of the tools and techniques discussed in [HIRED!]”

-Marvin Hensley


“I especially appreciated the humor and inspirational quotes. I think that this is something that will keep people engaged throughout the book.”

-Gigi Burke, PhD


“I like that some of the authors’ personal experiences are discussed in the book. It gives a personal touch so the reader can relate and connect with the authors.”

-Christy Turner

“HIRED is like one of those [Brazilian restaurants] that keeps offering ‘meat’ until your job search is totally satisfied.”

-Richard Taylor

“…and it’s the best interview training [I’ve read] anywhere: phone, initial face-to-face, panel, Skype, final face-to-face [and much more].  There are even lessons on presentation devices, overcoming hidden objections, and how to handle potential Red Flags.”

-Sally Walker

“HIRED! could put my staffing company out of business. DO NOT buy this book!”

-Dan Jourdan, Remedy Intelligent Staffing